Stone Massage Shoes


  • Promote blood circulation, improve metabolism and immune function, help sleeping, relieve fatigue. 15Minutes Foot Massage = 1 Hour slow Running
  • Size: Free Size Considerable strap design to adjust the shoes width.Very convenient & portable, able to do feet massage anytime anywhere
  • Able to reduce health issue symptoms, it’s to provide you a better life why use neo reflexology sandals – relaxing natural agate stones – durable, sturdy, non slip, and comfy – anti-odour feet
  • Each shoe has a scientific line of 41 massages points that cover every acupoint in your foot. You can be massaged while walking.
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Acupressure Slipper/ Reflex Foot Massager Natural Stone Slipper

  • Natural stone massage shoes with different colors.
  • massage slipper acupuncture shoes with different size massage slipper
  • acupuncture shoes Principle: massage slipper acupuncture shoes are made of wholesome natural stones according to the foot massage theory of the traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Sole massage is a health-care therapy.
  • It is recorded in the books on traditional Chinese medicine theories that feet are the second heart of the human body, gathering the acu-points related to all organs of the body.
  • Stimulating the soles appropriately can promote blood circulation and improve metabolism.
  • Keep on with it and you will find it will enable you a health life, less diseases and skin care.
  • Stones contain various wholesome microelements.
  • Different colors of stones contain different wholesome elements.
  • Specially,the black stone with magnetic.
  • Absorbing the elements well is good to the human body health.
  • Stamping on smooth stones greatly helps to dredge the qi and blood circulation for the human body.
  • Stamping on stones with your bare feet enables the human body to contact the nature directly to facilitate static release, so as to make you feel comfortable and refreshed.


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