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Jerusalem Paradise Limited is a health travel destination for complementary and alternative medicine as well as relaxation with natural principles. We provide 4 star hotel accomodation with a focus on health and welnness travel services and program. We have health and wellness shops with 3 outlets in Uganda, that focus on providing herbal and natural solutions as well as tools to deal with lifestyle diseases, disorders and disturbances.

Our Services

We have a wide range of services to cater for both the individual and a group of people. we focus on health and wellness travel, enrichment and supply of tools, products and services to improve your quality of life.

Herbal Remedies Shop

This is our official online shop. We have 3 active outlets around Uganda in Fortportal and Kampala for Herbal remedies.

Health Tools and Services

We sell health tools and accessories that are important in managing lifestyle complications.

Hotel Accomodation

Incase you are interested in health travel with good accomodation, we have hotel rooms, and programs to accomodate your needs

Health Consultation

We have both online and in-person consultation programs to align you with the right alternative health solutions and routines for a better life

Trainings and Events

We organize monthly events to train individuals and companies on the different wellness topics to improve your quality of life

Company programs

Incase you are looking for a way to bless and enrich your employees, contact us to organise wellness programs and seminars for your company.

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Worldwide Shipping

Anywhere you are, we can find you and deliver our services to you. Contact us for a consultation and delivery to your location.

Best Quality

Our herbal solutions and health tools are backed by research and reviews from clients over the last 10 years.

Best Offers

We bring you solutions that are used by manu cultures worldwide to obtain a better quality of life from the tools and foods around them

Secure Payments

Our payments are secure and we currently accept cash on delivery, mobile money through secure channels and visa card payments. We call you after your order to confirm your details before delivery.

Jerusalem Paradise Hotel Location

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