9 herbal teas to add to your weight loss and exercise plan

Weight loss is a hard journey. Sometimes you are left wondering why you are investing so much work, just for physical attributes that come with it. However, when you look at it from detoxification and lifelong health point of view, the journey gets less tiring and complicated, and more rewarding, measurable and progressive; instead of choosing to spend time measuring your weight or inches off your waist, you can spend it keeping track of new health habits, routines and the detoxification of your body. You can spend it focusing on the great plus effects that come from the effort of general routine change like glowing skin, better sleep, clearer eyes, and a sense of renewed energy.

Not only are these effects come from the elimination of certain bad foods and habits, but also from replacement of those habits and foods with what builds and replenishes our body, mind and soul.

If you try to focus on these simple routine additions, habit replacements, and food replacements, you will find the weight loss process more rewarding and progressive.

Adding herbal tea to your routine is one of the ways to achieve the above. We have compiled for you here a detailed list of benefits and reasons you should add herbal teas to your exercise and eating plan. Today, we shall give you some of the best high quality beneficial herbal teas worth trying and holding on to.

Elder tea

(Sambucus nigra)

Also called black elder and popular in western Asia and Europe, this herb is known for its useful flowers and also as a supplement. The elder herb is a rich source of vitamin C, providing almost half of the needed daily quantity by the body. It also contains iron and other vitamins in trace quantities.

Concerning our weight loss and exercise routine, elder tea is great as a diaphoretic. This is a substance that enhances or induces sweating and perspiration. It does this by promoting better circulation and stimulating the activity of the body. In turn, this causes sweating, a process which clears out pores, flushes out toxins and leaves you with glowing skin.

Elderflower is also an excellent antiviral and improves the working of the respiratory system. It is also known to reduce headaches, and prevent colds, flu, conditions that are unfavourable to your workout morale during the winter or during the change of seasons.

Ginger tea

(Zingiber officinale)

This is one of the most multipurpose existing herbs. You have probably used it to cook and add flavour.  Adding ginger tea to your eating plan and workout routine will give tremendous benefits.

Ginger tea is a heart and body warming tea that stimulates your circulation while waking up your body internally. This is a great tea in case you work out in the morning and need something light to start your workout and wake you up. Ginger tea is also known for its detoxifying qualities, by spreading blood through the superficial layers of your skin hence clearing your eccrine glands (glands responsible for sweating)

Ginger tea has been used for ages as an alimentary canal cleanser. It flushes out your alimentary canal, as far as the colon. This gives you clearer skin and makes it easier for the body to absorb nutrients after digestion.

Ginger has an enzyme, zingibain, which relieves digestion and irritable bowel syndrome. People with sensitive stomachs know the difficulty of working out when experience IBS or indigestion. Taking ginger tea after a meal can be a great solution to this challenge.

 Also, it is still healthy when cold and can be used as flavoured water during a workout

Ginger tea also blends well with other herbs like peppermint and lemon. Taking this blend is proven to reduce bloating, give you clear skin and accelerate your weight loss process.

Yerba mate tea

Sister or rival to green tea, some people testify to it being healthier than green tea. It is praised for its extremely high antioxidant capacity, an important factor in detoxification, weight loss, growth, sleep, cholesterol-lowering among others. Anti-oxidants reduce free radicals caused by oxidation in your body that promote tissue and nerve cells damage.

This plays a big role in the reduction of inflammation, weight loss speed. It causes clearance of arteries and fatty blocks in the blood vessels, as well as a reduction in cholesterol due to high chlorogenic acid.

If you find it hard to use green tea, do not like the flavour or want to try a new tea and have a variety, Yerba mate tea is a good recommendable choice. It also has a calming effect on the body and can treat insomnia among others.

Fennel tea

If you need a replacement for the starter course and dessert before and after your main course respectively. , fennel tea is a great tea to add to your kitchen shelf.

It is a natural appetite suppressant that will help you control your portions and aid in your weight loss in the long run. It is also a digestion aid that relieves gas, bloating and general body heaviness after a heavy meal. This can be of great importance in case you work out after eating or in the evening. It relieves stomach discomfort and is a digestive cleanse. It is also known to treat constipation. Another plus side to this tea is the ability to combat bad breath after a meal. 

Fennel tea is an antispasmodic. This property makes it an efficient muscle relaxer, by controlling both voluntary and involuntary muscle spasms. This is important for weight lifters and runners and reduces muscle cramps. It also is important for women having their menstrual period, as it gives period cramp relief, and makes you strong enough to fix in a workout during your menstruation days.

Fennel is also rich in antioxidants and minerals like potassium, and manganese among others.

Korean ginseng

(Panax ginseng)

Physically similar to ginger this herb sis knew to stimulate the whole body and reduce stress. Due to its highly stimulating and awakening abilities, Korean ginseng is a healthy replacement for caffeine. This tea comes with antioxidants, endorphins, serotonin and other “happy” brain juices. Besides, it has healing and restoration properties and causes an increment in mental energy and memory.

If you have been sick or low, this herbal tea can strengthen and restore vitality to your body after healing. This helps ease you back to your routine after days of falling off due to sickness.

 It is commonly known as the sex herb, responsible for healing erectile dysfunction in many men. This is a great plus for couples using sex as a weight loss exercise.

Korean ginseng is also known for reducing glucose levels and blood sugar in the body. However, if you are hypoglycemic, it is advisable to consult your doctor before using it.

It is also advisable for women with high estrogen hormonal levels to check with the doctor too before taking it.

Peppermint tea

(Mentha Piperita)

Like the above teas that stimulate the eccrine glands and promote sweating, peppermint tea is no exception. It is known for its great indigestion relief properties as well as diuretic properties.

If you suffer from stomach bloat and increase in weight due to water retention, this tea is for you. It pairs very well with various teas, can be drunk cold in the summer and can be carried to the gym as your workout water. It hydrates the body at a cellular level and leaves you with glowing skin and clearer eyes. Also, it does all this while calming your body.


(Crataegus monogyna)

Hawthorn tea is a herb tea traditionally known to soothe a broken and grieving heart. The warm calming effect the tea has on your body is almost spiritual.

 This herb increases the supply of oxygen and flow of blood to the heart, which in turn nourishes and strengthens the heart muscle. This enhances the distribution of nutrients in tissues around your body and their detoxification.

This herb prevents high blood pressure, by preventing the blood vessels from clogging with fat. This is good for weight loss and a healthy body overall.

Like most teas listed above, it also relieves indigestion and reduces inflammation in the body

Dan Shen

(Salvia miltiorrhiza) / Red root sage

This is known as the heart healing herb. A special heart tonic. Since exercise has a lot to do with the cardiovascular system, this herbal tea is a worthy addition to your diet. This herbal tea controls the stability of the heart rhythm which I turn relaxes the whole body.

Dan Shen tea is also known to reduce the rate at which fibrin, a blood-clotting protein, is formed in the body. This enables the maintenance of stable blood pressure and prevents the blood from thickening a lot. Hence generally improving the working of the cardiovascular system. It is also known to clear the blood vessels of fat accumulation.

A bonus of this herbal tea is its effect on the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland affects weight loss and hormonal balance. Dan Shen tea enhances the secretion of hormone from the gland, which helps with the control of all the above aspects


Dan Shen affects the production of estrogen. Women with high estrogen levels are advised to consult a physician on taking this tea.


(Astragalus membranaceus)

This is one of the proven age-reversing herbal teas beside Yerba mate tea and green tea. Astragalus tea has a high capacity of antioxidants, which reverse the ageing process, heal damaged tissues and improve overall body performance and mood. 

It is a root tea that is very common in the Persian and Chinese traditional medicine practice. As a heart healing tonic, astragalus contains a chemical called cycloastragenol which is believed to heal chronic disease and reduce pain. The tea boosts the immune system

It is also known to nourish and protect the heart as well as help balance blood pressure and cope with stress.

Points to note!

  • Moderation is very important when it comes to natural herbs. Despite herbal teas being natural remedies, the correct dosage is very important and should not be ignored. These teas have powerful effects on the body. As stated above, some of these teas are emmenagogues that should be avoided by pregnant and lactating mothers.
  • Some of these teas have strong properties that do not pair well with some drugs and medication. It is advisable to consult a health care provider in case you are on antidepressants or other medication.
  • When buying herbs or herbal teas, you will find many labels out there and it is difficult to determine which is actually of high quality and which are fresh and potent enough. You can always look for standard markers of high-quality herbs such as organic or wildcrafted mainly Indian and Himalayan products.
  • Natural herbal Tea and its value are all dependent on the quality, freshness and blends of herbs it contains. With the hindrances that come from growing your herbs at home and the lack of time, it is good to have a trusted source of herbal tea brands you can trust.

When you are making a purchase online it is good to choose a reliable seller that you can trust. We highly compiled for you here, a detailed list of online dependable herbal tea and products suppliers whose quality, professionalism, and genuine products have stood the test of time.

  • You are welcome to comment below on what herbal teas and natural remedies worked for you and those that failed you.

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